Friday, October 5, 2012

Oh, Brax!

Welp, it didn't take long. A week shy of turning one, and Brax is already in a cast.

I (kind of) knew something like this would eventually happen. I just thought I'd have more time to prepare mentally - and to pay off our already-never-ending-debt to the Hutch Clinic.

Yesterday little man decided to take a tumble down the stairs at the sitter's house. The strong boy he is, he took it like a champ - a few bumps on the head and crying (of course), but nothing out of the ordinary. I came to pick him up after I got back into town from a work trip and the sitter noted he had been pretty ginger with his right foot and leg after his nap. I didn't think anything of it - I was more concerned with his head/neck and when that was a-okay, I simply thought his leg was a bit sore and tender.

It was actually Jack being the worry-wart on this one. And I'm so glad he was! This morning, while I was out for a run, Jack noticed that Brax continued to struggle with his right leg. He would crawl - somewhat - but barely stood, didn't walk, and definitely screamed every time the leg was touched or straightened. 

Fast forward to a three-hour doc visit, x-rays, first diagnosis (broken tibia AND fibula), more x-rays, second diagnosis ("just" a broken tibia), and we walked out of Dr. Miller's office with an appointment to meet the orthopedist and get a cast.

We're thankful they were able to cast him here in Hutch - meaning: nothing suspicious or more in-depth so no trip needed to Wichita or KC to visit a child ortho. We're also thanking God that Brax didn't sustain any other injuries and that it was "only" a broken tibia that should result in a "simple" four-week cast. Dr. Lairmore reassured us there wasn't anything near the growth plates and it should heal just fine. Praise God!

After getting over the "mommy guilt," we're holding up well. (Ask us this after tonight! Sleeping should be - well, interesting! - as we all get used to the cast!). We thank everyone for their prayers and ask that you continue to pray for healing, rest, and that Brax is able to get moving again and back to "normal" after the cast comes off in a month or so. (He was soooooo close to walking unassisted and that definitely won't be happening now until well after his first birthday!)

 Brax getting ready for his cast. Purple, please!

 Don't I make this cast look good?!

 Figuring out how to move. We were surprised they were going to do the entire leg, however they want to make sure he doesn't put any weight on it by trying to stand.

Figuring out how to crawl!

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Lindsay Y. said...

But he sure does make that cast look good!! :-) We have bets on which one of our kids will break a bone first, too. Naturally that would be NORA. ;-)