Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Jackster

I don't write about him often, because once I started, this blog would turn into a novel. But sometimes - for no reason at all - I find myself giddy over my husband and simply want to write out how much he means to me (because you can't really do that in between screaming babies, milk spills, snot bubbles, the list goes on).

My husband is AMAZING! A man that I don't deserve, yet a man who God placed in my life. Jack has done some pretty incredible things in the 10+ years that we've been together. We met way back in January 2002 while attending HCC. I was an 18-yr-old freshman in college, while he was an almost 19-yr-old sophomore.  (Don't let him fool you into thinking I'm older - he's in fact a year+ older than me!) We were drawn to each other by our commitment to sports (we met at a basketball game), but more importantly, our faith in Christ.

He invited me to a college Bible study. I said yes and was trembling later that week as I walked up the stairs into the house where the study was taking place. We hit it off immediately - that same weekend he (briefly) met my family while I met his entire family at a birthday party.

I fell in love for the first time. I fell hard and I fell fast. I moved up to K-State that fall and he later followed that spring. We definitely had our moments - we never "broke up" but we were close - and there was a lot of patience on both of our parts as we knew we wanted to get married, but also graduate from college before doing so. (all the while our dear friends left and right were getting married)

But God is gracious and gave us the patience we needed to endure. He gave Jack the strength and tenacity to work two jobs the summer between our junior and senior year in college to buy the most beautiful diamond ring and, some short hours later, get down on one knee to ask me to be his wife. God really gave us patience as we planned a wedding in a loooonnnnggg 11 months (friends who have yet to get married - don't wait that long!)

On June 4, 2005, I married my best friend, my partner in crime, the man who God entrusted me to spend the rest of my life with!  It's an honor being Jack's wife and I don't tell him this enough.

What endeared me to Jack back then - his humor, his charm, his love for God, family, friends, and sports - has me falling in love with him all over again today. I'm proud of the Godly leader and man he has become, not to mention the gracious and loving husband he is to me and the all-star daddy he is to our beautiful babies. I love his honesty (most of the time), I love his competitiveness (we're sooo much alike in this department...our poor kids!), I love his quit wit (everyone who knows him would have to agree that the man is quick on his feet!), and I just love and admire his desire to glorify our Lord in all that he does.

Love you, love you, love you, sweet husband of mind. More than you'll ever know.....

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