Monday, November 19, 2012

8 Babes + 1 Photo Session = Massive Chaos

It's that time! Time once again to showcase the good, bad, and ugly (don't know if ugly really is the correct word) from our annual Conkling Cousin Photo Shoot. 

Due to busy schedules and aging kiddos, we scheduled the pics for a Saturday morning a few weekends ago. It was still plenty of weekends before Christmas, but yep - you guessed it, still pretty chaotic. It was the perfect opportunity, however, to have hubs tag along with me and "enjoy" the experience. He quickly realized the task at hand.

This year was the same headcount as last year: 8 tiny tots, including the oldest (niece Lily, age 6 - super close to 7) to the youngest (baby Brax, age 13 months). My sisters-in-law, the crafty and cute ones they are, worked out this year's outfit around sibiling groups and numbers. They seriously had to talk me into it, mainly because I wasn't a huge fan of the sample pic my sis-in-law Annie showed me. But....turns out they were right and it worked wonderfully! Good job, Anne and Rashelle! (sis-in-law Rashelle spent a late evening ironing on the numbers)

Here are my sweeties in their sibiling pics: (Mackie is No. 6 in the group while Brax is No. 8)

 (Side note: My daughter ACTUALLY wore a head band - and kept it on! I whipped up this super cute bow the night before and glued it to a headband to round out her outfit)

Now here are the behind-the-scene shots I took with the good 'old iPhone. I have more, but these are the nicer ones of the bunch. Bless my sis-in-law's heart for organizing the chaos and entertaining the troops in between shots. It was an eventful photo shoot, that's for sure, but another year down!

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