Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Confessions of a Basketball Widow

We officially survived Week #1 of basketball season, and already I'm finding myself in survival mode (the above painting says it all - I purchased this last Friday from my sweet pastor's wife, Kris).

Last year, the crazy basketball schedule didn't seem to daunting. I don't know if it's because I was in complete oblivion and coming off of a post-labor daze or what. I happened to spend the first part of the season on maternity leave and the second half just trying to survive a newborn and toddler.

This year, however, I'm already finding it a bit different (a kinder word for "man-this-is-gonna-be-a-test-of-patience). I'm freely confessing the following:

- Extra time in the form of everyone's favorite, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" or "Little Einsteins." Dinner has to be prepared in some sort of fashion that doesn't involve a over-the-top screaming meltdown during the wonderful "witching hour" time. (you mamas out there all know that precious time, right?!) This means that my eldest will spend more than an hour in front of the tv (gasp!) 3-4 days a week. Judge me now.

- Extra consumption of coffee - fully loaded (or caffeinated). Since fully weaning Brax about 3 weeks ago, I'm finding that beautiful place called fully-caffeinated coffee utopia. I'll admit that I've had more than 2-3 cups some days, too. Feel free to continue judging.

- To kill time, I will throw the kiddos in the car and we'll just drive around, coming up with some type of errand to run or go really, really slow and look at pretty houses or pastures. The price of gas totally leaves my mind when it's 5:30 p.m. and I still have a good 90 minutes alone  with them.

- I did my first-ever lock-myself-in-the-bathroom-so-I-can-talk-to-an-adult-uninterrupted phone call. It only lasted 5 minutes - but only because I thought I might as well enjoy an uninterrupted pee while I was in there, too.

- Dinners haven't been the greatest - but I have great visions for this come Thanksgiving break when I have more alone time in the kitchen and can do some fun meal planning in the coming weeks.

- I've declared most mornings at home PJ Day until after lunch...(who am I kidding?)...until after afternoon nap, when it's only a few hours shy of bathing them and putting new jammies on them.

- When all else fails, I turn on a Veggie Tales or princess CD and we have a dance party in Mackie's room - or I call grandma. She seems to bring out a smile in my kids at 5 p.m. when they're tired of seeing my face.

Here's to counting down the hours 'til game days - a completely new experience this year with two movers!

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