Friday, November 30, 2012

Deck the Halls

We waited until Thanksgiving was over to put up the Christmas decor this year. (Remember last year? When the crazy post-baby wife decided to take family and Brax's newborn pics by the Christmas early November?! Yep, that was too much!)

In the two days we worked on home decor - both inside and outside - I have found that it's my favorite year with the holidays and Mackie to date. She is enthralled with everything and loves being in the middle of it all (and it's usually not the annoying-baby-in-the-way-touching-everything kind!). 

Ironically, though, the child who I thought would have more trouble with getting into the tree could care less (Brax). And the child who should know better because she's been-there-done-that for a few Christmases keeps "looking" (who are we kidding here?!) and likes to take the ornaments on and off the tree a gazillion times. We have made an "arrangement" that the big tree ornaments stay on at all times and her personal tree in her room can be touched and re-arranged as many times as she wants. It works and mommy doesn't go nuts.

 Mackie helping daddy hang Christmas lights.

 Brax helping me get out Christmas decor - thanks for getting that tub closed, buddy!

Probably the best after-Christmas clearance item I bought was this cute mini-tree from Target after Mackie's first Christmas. She LOVES having her "own" tree and the fun, bright ornaments. She spent a good 30 minutes decorating and to this day re-arranges and "touches up" her tree every day. 

 Hanging ornaments on the big Christmas tree. (I apologize for B's red-neck look!)

 Big girl!

Ta-da! I realize by posting this pic that we didn't have the tree skirt on when I snapped this pic (do now), I haven't taken pics of our dining room table decor or the fun and easy way we'll display our Christmas cards, and JUST realized that I completely forgot to put the nativity scene on the mantle. This shall get done this weekend!)

Now I'm pondering and thinking of a way to do an advent calendar with a purpose. Of course Dec. 1 is tomorrow. We may have a late start on our "countdown" to Christmas..........

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