Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Funnies From the Nut House (AKA: Conkling Casa)

Last week we had the opportunity to spend more time together as a family of four than we had in quite a while, thanks to Jack and I both having nice Thanksgiving breaks. (We even had the AWESOME chance to get "dolled up" for an extra-special date night, as the above pic shows!)

It was a blessed time of bonding, Thanksgiving trips to see extended family, and preparing for the wonderful season of Christmas as we get excited for the birth of our Savior. 

And while I LOVE the "big" events that holiday breaks bring, I LOVE even more the "in-between" moments of having two little ones at home with mommy and daddy both there to soak in all of the lovin'. We snuggled extra (we love our PJ time!), giggled extra (nothing like hearing a preschooler and toddler giggle!), and were just "there" extra. (know what I mean?!)

In this crazy house, "being there" extra means having some extra-funny moments.

Like Brax talking on his foot phone. (Good thing grandma bought him his own "smart phone" for Christmas.) He also happened to find out that he gets a lot of attention and laughs when he sticks his tongue out on command.

Or Mackie decorating the Christmas tree (hiding out in the pic below!) and asking her daddy where people came from. 

The convo went something like this:
Mackie: "Daddy, where do people come from?"
Daddy: "Ask your mommy."
Me: (cleaning up dinner) "Well, sweet girl, remember the story in Genesis? Where God made the sun, moon, stars and the oceans, mountains, rivers and the animals, and then Adam and decided that he needed a helper so He made Eve? Well, Adam and Eve were united - just like mommy and daddy were when they were married - and loved each other so much they had a baby."
(pretty pleased with my "generic" response and an attempt to connect the Bible story)
Mackie: "They also made the snake!"
(preschoolers sure are humbling!)

We're still working on that Genesis story!

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