Monday, November 12, 2012

Mama on the Run Monday Musings: Holy Balaclava!

Bala-what?! (and no, it's not the pastry!)

I tell you, the balaclava is a wonderful accessory to have on mornings like today, when the feel-like temp dips below freezing (it was in the low 20's when I was out on my run!).

Not only are you protected against the cold, bitter air (especially when the winds pick up and the wind chill isn't too pleasant - that wasn't the case this morning), but you also look like a super-cool Ninja that your kidlets cheer for as you head out the door. (as was the case in my house this morning!)

One common question I'm asked is how do you take on the winter weather and still run?

It's ALL about the gear - okay, mostly about the gear and also your mindset. I used to be an extremely "fair-weathered" runner and head to the treadmill the minute the temps dipped below 32 degrees. Two things happened: 1. I started getting better winter gear; and 2. I started hating the dreadmill.

I have stock-piled my winter running gear, thanks to the past few Christmases and "fun" money that I've saved. I've found that you don't have to have a lot, but there are some necessities: running tights (I love my Under Armour, as they're a bit thicker than my Nike ones), balaclava (pictured above), winter running jacket (again, I have a fab Under Armour winter jacket that's lightweight, moisture-wicking, and better yet - it has built-in mittens and is reflective!), gloves (moisture-wicking), and a hat or ear covering (unless you have the balaclava - though the hat is nice when it's in the 30's and not so windy).

Don't let a bitter wind chill stop you from running outdoors this winter - add some of these winter gear items to your Christmas lists! I actually find it to be more refreshing outdoors on a winter day, and often times run harder or faster on my shorter runs to keep my body warm. Runner's World has a great resource to assist you in how to bundle up properly depending on the elements. Check it out on their Website,

Have a great week of running!

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