Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mama On the Run Monday's Musings: Thankfulness

Gobble, gobble!

We embark on a wonderful week of the year - Thanksgiving! It's a time once again where we can take the time to step back and reflect on our blessings and truly thank the Lord for all that He has given us. I'm in awe that despite my ugly, wretched sin, my Savior loves me enough to send His Son to die on the cross for that ugly, wretched sin.

And even better - that He gives me much, much, MUCH more than I ever deserve! A loving family, amazing friends, great job and co-workers, cozy house, the list goes on and on....but let's not forget a healthy body that is able to RUN! It's easy to take running and exercise for granted. Often times I find myself complaining that I didn't run fast enough, far enough, was too tired, felt weak. But you know what? God gave me my legs, my heart, my body to do so much for His glory, and that includes running!

I hope you have a wonderful week reflecting on all that He has blessed you with. I hope you find time to rest and relish in delights with family and friends. I also hope that - if it's your thing - that you have ample time to run or exercise!

Do you enjoy starting off your Thanksgiving holiday with a good run? 

I personally think there's nothing better than to kick-off holiday time with a good sweat session on the pavement. That especially includes Thanksgiving morning, before we start digging in to some tasty food! (And it's extra-tasty this year, as we're heading to my parents' house. There's something always better about being at mama's house on the holiday!)  Before heading to the folks' house, we'll have a nice morning as I go out for a run while the kiddos eat breakfast. I'll then cozy up with my kiddos (probably with a mug of coffee in hand!) and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade while I get my side dishes together for dinner. It's a tradition to watch the Macy's parade - from as far back as I can remember I always watched it as I helped and watched my mom prepare dinner.

I'm also thankful this week for some extra time with my sweetie. Jack is off for the week starting on Wednesday (wahoo!). There will still be basketball practice, but it's totally doable to work around. That being said, I have some extra time for running and planning meals this week. Wahoo!

This week is the first one "off" for a while. No big race to plan for. No long runs on the weekends. I ran the Turkey Trot 10-miler on Saturday- my last race until 2013. Now that it's over, I don't feel inclined to do a longer run every Saturday, especially since I'll start my Cleveland Marathon training the week of New Year's. This transition time is important for the mind and body!

Have a fantastic holiday and remember to enjoy Thanksgiving! It's so easy to get caught up in the Christmas busyness right now, but that time will come. For now, Happy Thanksgiving!

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