Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas! (a few days late)

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We kicked off the holiday on Christmas Eve with our church's candlelight service. It was a beautiful service as we sang Christmas hymns and carols, mixed with Scripture and re-living the Christmas story and God's amazing promises through His Word. Jack and I tag-teamed as our youngest one didn't want to sit still (despite numerous snacks and books) and older one "needed" to go potty. Let's just say we are thankful for church nursery on Sundays!!

We then headed home for baths and jammies before going out to my aunt's home in Haven, where we celebrated with our long-standing Preston Christmas Eve tradition with my aunt, cousins, grandparents, parents and bro, and cousin's kiddos. We had a fun, light-hearted gift-exchange this year plus some yummy treats. Our Christmas Eve celebration is extra-special as it brings back memories of several Christmases ago at my grandparents' house on Main Street.

 A few pics before Chrismtas Eve service.

Despite the super late kiddo bed-time (after 11 p.m.), little man decided to get up and say Merry Christmas right after midnight, go back to sleep, and then really wanted to open presents at 6:18 a.m. Mommy and daddy weren't quite ready at that morning hour.

An hour later, when little miss woke up, we cozied up in our jammies, sang Happy Birthday to Jesus, and read the Christmas story out of the Bible before we unwrapped gifts. Jack's highlights were a trail camera, K-State camo gear, and dress clothes. I was pleased to open running shoes, a winter running jacket, and a new chain for a diamond pendant that I received a few Christmases ago (the chain broke and I haven't been able to wear it since!). Mackie enjoyed her new Barbie roller skates, Sweetpea Princess movie, and other goodies while Brax-man loved his basketball goal and big mega building blocks.

We later headed over to brunch at my parents' house to continue the Christmas celebration with them, my brother, and his girlfriend, Sydney. We were all spoiled plenty! Mackie's highlights were a Doc McStuffins dr kit, ballerina magnet dolls, new boots, princess walkie-talkies, and too many other goodies to count. Brax loved opening his lawnmower, leggos, puppy dog, and other boy toys. Jack and I, meanwhile, were spoiled with clothes, gift cards, magazine subscriptions, and lots of other treats we never buy for ourselves (or each other).

We had a blessed Christmas as we celebrated the birth of Jesus! Such a treat to spend the time with family and friends, snuggling up with my babies with sweatpants, coffee, and tasty food all while relaxing and simply reflecting on how blessed we are.

We have the Conkling Christmas celebration next weekend - another fun time with family!

For now we're re-organizing cabinets and the house, trying to find places for new toys, new clothes, and new gadgets. Who needs spring cleaning when you can do it on Christmas break?!

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