Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Traditions: Gingerbread Houses, Live Nativity Scene & Santa Visits

We had a fabulous weekend celebrating Christmas with such wonderful traditions. We kicked off Saturday with a visit to Hutch Rec's Gingerbread House Decorating. It's a GREAT time (and I'm not just sayin' that because I'm the marketing director!) - mainly because it's: a. FREE; b. the volunteers rock and give you all kinds of fun candy to make accessorize your house; and c. (the big one!) you don't have to clean up - the fab volunteers do it for you! (that right there is worth millions!)

Mackie is slowly starting to show us some type-A tendencies (hello, mama's influence!). She only decorated one side of the house because the other side was the "back side and no one was going to see it." She had to make sure she  put everything on and it was according to her plan. Little Miss Independent, eh?!

 Brax and daddy got into the house-decorating mode, though we'll just say boys don't decorate like we girls do!

My sweeties with the finished goods:

We also attended a very nice Streets of Bethlehem live nativity scene at my parents' church. Mackie did an excellent job and was very patient walking around as we re-lived the account of Jesus's birth. She loved petting the donkey at the end and telling everyone that Jesus was lying in a manger - even though Jesus "looked more like a baby doll than the real baby Jesus."

Our Christmas traditions continued this week as Mackie wrapped up her first semester of Wee Wigglers with a visit from Santa today. Jack and I don't really play up the entire Santa thing. (please don't judge us!) Jack was never a believer as they didn't play it up in his home. I believed but realized by early grade school that he was a fun character at Christmas. It's definitely fun to share these "traditions" of visiting Santa, but more importantly we want our sweet kidlets to truly understand that we celebrate Christmas first and foremost for Jesus's birth! We have fun with Santa but don't make him the center of our celebrations. Parents, how do you celebrate Christmas and Jesus's birthday? Do you do Santa? Let your kids know he's a fun character? We'd love to hear!

That being said, Mackie enjoyed telling Santa what she wanted (Mickey Mouse and his entire Clubhouse - oh boy!) and telling her how old she was and this and that. 

And sweet Brax-man took it all in, patiently waiting for sis to have her turn with all her classmates and making super cute faces and smiles at me in the meantime. 

Let the Christmas traditions continue! We LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year as we prepare to celebrate our Savior's birth and enjoy these special moments and make memories with our babes. 

Our traditions continue this weekend as we bake (if I can get over this icky sinus junk!) and Mackie debuts her beautiful Christmas dress and bow in the church Christmas program. It's her first year to sing (two songs with the other preschoolers!). You know this mama will be taking pics and (hopefully) video - who knows what will happen with our spunky, sugar-and-spice sweet pea?!

And....you better watch out, because a Conkling Christmas card and letter could be coming to a mailbox near you very soon! Hubs cranked out the letter and I have to say, I love his wit and humor much more than mine. He's fine-tuning and we'll be sending it out soon!

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