Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Game Day Strategies

I have yet to tell y'all how GREAT basketball season is going so far. Honest. (knocking on wood right now!)

Jack has two more games this week before Christmas break and then we get into the heart of the season in January and February. The kiddos have been awesome and we haven't had (too) many meltdowns. 

Mackie has done a FANTASTIC job so far this year and is doing quite nicely on the entertainment part. She's easily enthralled with the goings-on of the game that she rarely touches her backpack o' fun. (She's often times yelling "Box out, girls!" "Rebound" "Defense!" Wonder where she gets it?!) 

Brax has been more of a challenge, as he's in that tough, in-between stage where he wants up, he wants down, he wants to crawl on the (seriously disgusting) bleacher floor and eat anything he can. (Usually it's last week's snack that we brought that is still stuck or dried up on the bleacher floor - ick!)

Away games are more of the challenge, as we haven't gone to one yet and that means super long days at home with just me and the kidlets. We hope to make some closer games as we get into the season. We did survive two of the longest road games in one week - plus sickness thrown in there, too. Thank goodness for coffee, meds, and grandma to the rescue to make the evening much more bearable! 

So here's what has worked for us as we head out to another game tonight:

We love watching this guy in action....

And in order to get her (and Brax - sorry, no pics of the little guy!) to have her acting like this....

We rely on this.....

And these.....

And a backpack filled with crayons, books, and other goodies...pompoms....the Buhler High School band....grandma/grandpa - and "honorary" aunts, uncles, grandparents at the game....concession stand popcorn....and a dipe bag filled with hand/face wipes (our "bath time" on home game nights), fleecy jammies for Brax (I dress him for bed before we head for home), and lots of trips to the bathroom.

Ah, the life of a coach's wife and mama. LOVE IT!

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