Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Half-Birthday & An Update

This week I celebrated my half-birthday. Not a huge deal, really - but when you're in grade school and your birthday is in the summer, it's the half-birthday you celebrate. I remember bringing cupcakes, donuts, or whatever treat I wanted to bring on Dec. 1 each school year. It was a treat in and of itself.

This half-birthday I thought I'd give you a brief update on my 29 to-dos before I turn the big 3-0!

Here's the to-do list, just to refresh my memory:

1. Read a classic (bought "To Kill a Mockingbird" this summer and have yet to make past Chapter 2).
2. Fly a kite with the family - DONE!
3. Go fishing or hunting with Jack - we're going to do this sometime in the next month. Wish me luck (and think warm thoughts!)
4. Make my own hummus - found a good recipe, have yet to actually make it.
5. Grow my own herbs - DONE! Cilantro was extra-tasty this summer and the basil wasn't half-bad.
6. Bake cookies with the kids and deliver them to a new neighbor - baked lots of cookies with the kiddos, but have yet to deliver them. We did enjoy perusing the neighborhood and meeting new ones this Halloween, though!
7. Contact paper and re-organize my kitchen drawers and cabinets - took a large load to Goodwill of a lot of junk I didn't need. Contact paper project is being reserved for Christmas break!
8. Run another half-marathon and 10K - Ran the Turkey Trot 10-miler two weeks ago and have committed to running the Cleveland Marathon just three weeks before my 30th birthday!
9. Take a group fitness class - still have no desire to do it, even though the Boot Camp would probably do me some good!
10. Dig into my Bible and a study at Starbucks by myself - have a vacay day coming up with the giddiness of doing just this!
11. Visit the public library at least every other month - DONE (so far!)
12. Learn how to sew learning my brand new, never used sewing machine - it has been used, but by a sewing friend who "broke it in" for me! :) I hope to learn during Christmas break!
13. Plan a "real" get-away with Jack - still saving and the plan is to do something for our anniversary in June.
14. Interview my kids once a month for memory's sake - oops. I think I did this during M's 3rd bday and B's 1st bday. I do journal it the old-fashioned way. Does that count?!
15. Host a girls get-together - DONE! We now have a brunch group that meets several times throughout the year. I hosted this fall and it was fab fun!
16. Read a biography - know of any good ones?
17. Make a homemade latte using my barely-used espresso maker - DONE! (and then I realized how much I hate cleaning up the thing so I sold it online!)
18. Run in the sprinklers with my sweeties.
19. Do a bake dive off the diving board at my parent's pool - DONE this past summer.
20. Get a pedicure or massage.
21. Memorize Proverbs 31 in its entirety - need to write my cards and carry them around to improve the memory!
22. Spend an entire day disconnected from technology - not brave enough yet! ;)
23. Build a snowman, go sledding, make snow angels - we're practicing our snow angels on the hard-wood floors. Now we need it to SNOW!
24. Camp out downstairs in the basement - good snow day plan!
25. Go to a movie at the Fox Theater - I noticed they're showing "Brave" in February. Little miss and I will just have to have ourselves a mama-daughter date.
26. Go to a Hutch Rec art class -  really want to sign up for another fused glass class, hopefully after basketball season!
27. Take a bike ride or run at the Highlands - good reminder - love that area!
28. Try sushi.
29. Ride the Ferris wheel with Jack at the State Fair. -does riding with dare-devil daughter who kept wanting to get off while we were at the top of the thing count?! Jack would have been a much nicer ride-along! :)

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