Sunday, December 23, 2012

Magical Lights & Santa

Last night we had another fun one of looking at Christmas lights. This was the "real deal" one, the outing where we dressed the kiddos up in their jammies and promised Mackie she could eat a candy cane while we were out driving. 

Right before loading up....(can you just hear the gleeful giggle Mackie is giving us through this pic?!)

Brax not so sure about what to look at, so he opted for other entertainment.

Mackie, meanwhile, was more excited about the blueberry candy cane than anything else. (See the blue lips and mouth?! The larger candy cane was a gift from....)

SANTA!! We stumbled across the jolly old man last year while looking at lights in the Blue Spruce neighborhood. He is a super sweet guy and even lets the kids traipse through his well-lit yard to sit on his lap on the front porch. Mackie told him she wanted a princess clock - silly girl! We were extremely impressed Brax actually sat on his lap, without crying, and posed for pics!

And only 30 minutes into our light-viewing extravaganza, the little man was out....only to greet us with the stomach flu (the second bout this week) at 4 a.m. Poor buddy!

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