Monday, December 10, 2012

Mama On The Run Monday Musings: Baby It's Cold Outside!

Who all woke up early and ran some miles in the FREEZING cold this morning?!

(raise hand!)

Let's just say my French-pressed coffee (a great blend of Starbucks Christmas Espresso and Christmas decaf) tasted extra yummy and was made extra hot this morning!

I believe the feel-like temp was about -1 this morning, but honestly, it wasn't too bad. That's because the wind was bearable. Trust me, had the wind been blowing even a tad bit more, I would have maybe made it 20 good minutes and then come inside to hop on the dreadmill.

What are you secrets to getting out on a brisk, cold winter's day?! Do you stay in bed? Hit the dreadmill? Brave the elements?

Runner's World has a section entirely dedicated to cold weather running, so you know it's trending every runner - especially about now, when the season has definitely taken a change! I have found - as I have said so many times before - that having the proper clothing definitely makes or breaks your cold-weather run. I also find myself not going as long (or at all) when it's super cold out, such as when the windchill is below 0 and/or if there are blustery winds to boot and if it's sleeting or hailing (wait? what's that? We've been in a drought so long now that any type of moisture would be an amazing blessing and answer to prayer!).

It's definitely all about preference. I have friends who opt to cross-train more in the winter months, thus not putting so much "pressure" on themselves to get a certain number of miles in. I have friends who do a mixture or mainly use the dreadmill (there are some great plans out there, see the above RW link!). And then there are those crazies like myself who have decided to train for a marathon during the winter months and long runs and workouts just won't cut it on a treadmill. (at least not all of the miles)

We'll see if I become a fan of the machine that is a magnet to my kiddos and sits in our laundry room in the basement. Ironically I used to love the 'mill when I first started running and was a pansy in the winter. And then I became a friend of the great outdoors - especially when I had my babies and I couldn't wait to get outside of the "trappings" of my house and enjoy the fresh air, no matter what the temp.

Keep on truckin' along, mamas and daddies out there. No matter what you're doing - running outdoors/indoors, biking, ellipticalling (is that even a word), rowing, weight training, swimming, etc, etc - you're moving and keeping yourself healthy, fit, and sane for your family.

Have a great week!

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