Friday, December 14, 2012

Mama On The Run Musings: Guest Blogging Stint & More!

Happy Friday!

We'll kick off with some FUN news to get your weekend started. I found out this week that I was selected to be a guest blogger for the 2013 Cleveland Marathon. There were several applicants for the Run.Train.Blog program, and while I didn't get the "full-time" gig of being an official blogger, I was asked to be a guest blogger.

I'm thrilled that I'll be able to share my training experiences with y'all! Of course I'll be blogging my tales and adventures as soon as I start training - I won't limit to just the "official" times I'll be blogging for the marathon.

I will say that I decided to do Cleveland for two reasons: 1. I wanted to do another marathon for my 30th birthday (June 1st) and post-second baby (I've done a marathon pre-kids, post-baby #1, and wanted to do another one post-baby #2); and 2. I didn't want to do a fall marathon, where I'd be training in the hot, humid Kansas summers. I googled and searched high and low for some good May/June marathons and stumbled across this one. AND it just so happens it's a hop, skip, and a jump away from our dear friends (who live in Middlefield, OH), so we're making it a road trip and spending a lovely week with them, too! Win-win!

I'll be posting more about the marathon training and how crazy I am to be training in Kansas winters, with my spunky preschooler and wobbly toddler in tow, and that it's during hubbie's busy basketball coaching season.

But....onto the other not so fun stuff!

Sickness hit the Conklings in one form or another this week. It started with hubs' back giving out at Sunday night city league basketball, which led to him being flat on his back for most of Monday until he received an adjustment from our good ole' chiro (who happens to be our neighbor, too). He's still on the mend.

I then suffered terrible sinus junk and flu-like symptoms for three days. I hardly ever get sick and am thanking God for my overall health, because I just can't hack it. I felt awful and was trying to work from home, make meals/clean house, and entertain kids for all hours of the night since Jack had an away game earlier this week. I don't even remember what I did in the office on Wednesday as I was in a medicine-induced fog (sorry, co-workers!). That being said, I was able to crank out a few measly miles here and there, but opted for two cross training sessions on the bike.

What's your general rule of thumb when you're sick? Do you work out or not? I definitely take it easier and when it's really bad - aches, chills, fever, one mm away from head explosion, I just throw in the towel.

Naturally now that I'm on the mend my dear son is now sick. He's had a fever for two days now and it goes up and down, all around. Poor baby. Thanking God he's for the most part acting normal besides the warm body (last night was a bit rougher than usual) and praying that his body heals itself (meaning: we don't have to sit in the Clinic waiting room for all hours on end this weekend, or worse, Monday morning).

Have a wonderful weekend as you continue your Christmas celebrations. I'm enjoying a few more weekends of no long runs and will probably run 4-5 miles tomorrow morning and then it's on to cookie baking and decorating with the little miss!

Remember WHO you are and WHOSE you are - and let your light shine for Jesus!

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