Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mama On The Run: Training Day Has (Almost) Arrived!

Monday not only kicks off the (almost) start of the New Year, but it's also the first day of my Cleveland Marathon training experience!

After talking to fellow running friends, going off of my former training plans, and doing some research online, I opted to follow Jenny Hadfield's marathon training plan for the intermediate runner. I've been a long-time fan of Coach Jenny (I found out about her several years ago as a newbie runner and then loved her even more when I found out she was from Chicago and a Cubs fan - win win!). I was beyond thrilled when I found out she's the go-to running/training coach for the Cleveland Marathon. Yay!

What I enjoy most about her plans (and outlook on life) is her realistic, down-to-earth approach to training. My plan is 20 weeks (a long time but allows me flexibility if I have an "off" week) and mixes both running and cross-training days with Sundays as off days. It also has me slowly building up my long runs, which I'm very excited about. This mama of a 1- and 3-year-old is often times just plain tired. I don't have the energy that I had when I ran my 1st marathon (no kids) or 2nd marathon (1 kid who was a great sleeper by the time full-fledged training came into play).

I have Coach Jenny's beautiful plan on my fridge (I'm serious when I say beautiful - it's color-coded and everything!) and am excited to get started. It reminds me of the first few weeks of school, when I have my beautiful agenda, just waiting to be filled in and color-coded with homework assignments, to-do lists, and appointments. (nerd alert right here!) There's something so refreshing about having a running plan and a guideline to go by. This type-A girl is awfully giddy right now!

Obviously I'll be adjusting the plan - I have found out with my babies that life happens! And I'm already tweaking the plan a bit in its first week to accommodate the New Year week (it had me doing cross-training day on Jan. 1st, but there's nothing that I love more than kicking off the New Year with a great run!).

Here's a glimpse of my running schedule this week:

Monday: Run 45 minutes (easy effort - on a scale of 10, perform at a 6/7)
Tuesday: Run 50 minutes easy (8)
Wednesday: Cross-train for 40-45 minutes (moderate) plus strength training
Thursday: Cross-train for 40-45 minutes (easy) plus strength training
Friday: Run 40 minutes easy (6-7)
Saturday: Long run of 7 miles (easy to moderate effort - 6/7)
Sunday: OFF/REST Day

I'll be blogging about my training adventures and how I'm (trying) to balance it with the hectic life of being a wife to an awesome (and cute!) hubs, mommy to two sweet babes, marketing/special events director for our city's recreation commission (I work from home part of the time - a HUGE blessing that I'm beyond thankful for!), as well as the myriad of other daily to-dos that we all have: you know, the laundry, cooking, cleaning, and making every minute count of this awesome life that God has blessed us with!

Happy running, friends. And hang on for this crazy ride!

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