Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mama On The Run: Week 1 Training - Complete!

Week 1 is COMPLETE on Jenny Hadfield's Cleveland Marathon training plan. And I must say - I'm lovin' it! It was wonderful to end a great year of running (2012) and enter an exciting year of running (2013) with two great outings. On Monday (Dec. 31), I ran 5.5 miles and then on Tuesday (Jan. 1) I ran another 5.5 miles in the snow. I must say, while it was one of my slowest New Year's Day runs ever, it was oh-so enjoyable! The weather wasn't too cold and it was refreshing and youthful crunching my feet in the snow as it lightly fell to the ground.

Week 2 brings some challenges, but nothing new. Hubs is back to the normal work schedule, meaning my runs will be about an hour earlier in the mornings. It's also slated to snow/rain on my long-day Saturday, but I'm not going to even consider it until Friday. (hello, Kansas weather!)

Perhaps the biggest challenge is one of uncertainty. This week I'm going to attempt (hopefully!) a yoga class at the gym. I made it a goal to improve my strength training/flexibility this go-round, and I think yoga will be a good cross-training exercise to try. The biggest problem is that I'm one who likes to really work up a sweat while working out. I suppose I feel like I actually worked out when the face is flushed and I'm wringing wet. (lovely, eh?!) So this is going to be a challenge mentally for me!

Here's what this week looks like:
Monday: Run 45 minutes easy
Tuesday: Cross-train day 40-45 minutes with strength training
Wednesday: Run 50 minutes easy-moderate
Thursday: Cross-train day 40-45 minutes with strength training
Friday: Run 40 minutes easy
Saturday: Run 8 miles long
Sunday: OFF/Rest Day

In the world of yummy goodness, here's what is on the menu plan this week:
Monday: Chicken Cheesy Rice Casserole with broccoli
Tuesday: Easy dinner (Jack's scouting while I'm watching my brother coach at a local bball game)
Wednesday: Mexican Chicken in the Crockpot with homemade yellow corn tortilla chips & salsa
Thursday: Chili in the Crockpot with veggies/dip
Friday: Leftover night (Jack has a game out of town, which means quick fix for me and the kiddos - and early bedtime?!) :)
Saturday: Dinner out?? We can hope!

I'm also eager to start reading "The Pilgrim's Progress" as I finally was able to pick up my copy at church this morning. I'm adding this to a few others on my list: "When Sinners Say 'I Do'" and "Give Them Grace."

Here's to a wonderful week ahead! Do it all for God's glory!

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