Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mama on the Run: Week 2 Complete - Surging Ahead!

How is it that the weekend is almost over?! Just when I get into relax mode.....

Week 2 of marathon training was pretty similar to Week 1. Friday's easy run wasn't too pleasant - stomach issues and a tired body (it didn't help that little man had croup and was up several times during the night). The other runs weren't too bad, including a fun lunchtime one mid-week when I was in the office. It's always a treat to run at noon!

I have to admit: I did not attend a yoga class like I had planned. I won't give you any excuses, other than I simply didn't get to the 5:45 a.m. class at the gym. Maybe this week?! I am, however, enjoying the stationary bike on cross-training days and tried a new strength routine that I found in last month's Shape mag.

This week's training looks pretty similar to the first two weeks, with one change: my mid-week run will include pick-ups, where I'll do 4-6 "bursts" of speed for 30-60 seconds each throughout my run. It's a great way to train the muscles and introduce some speed segments within a run.

Here's they sked for this week:
MONDAY: Run 45 minutes easy
TUESDAY: XT Day (40-45 min) plus strength
WEDNESDAY: Run 50 minutes w/ pick-ups
THURSDAY: XT Day (40-45 min) plus strength
FRIDAY: Run 40 minutes easy
SATURDAY: Long run of 9 miles

I recently had someone ask me how close I follow a plan. Well I tell you - the way I follow plans has drastically changed since I first started running. That was back when there were no kids and if I didn't follow a plan to a T, I felt like I was failing and my race was going to go in the tank. (drama queen, perhaps?!) I have to laugh at the ridiculousness of my naive little brain.

Nowadays, while I enjoy the structure of a plan and the push it gives me, I have to say I'm a bit more flexible (this says a LOT about type-A me!). It comes with having two unpredictable bundles of joy at home (they're not really bundles anymore, which means they're even more unpredictable!). I always aim to get in my longer run if the week if falling by the wayside and I'm not getting all of my miles/minutes in. And if I don't, the beautiful thing about running is that you get up the next day and aim to put your best foot forward again.

Happy running this week! Here's to pleasant miles, bearable weather, and a healthy body. Do it ALL for God's glory!

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