Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snapshots of This Week

I have found myself blogging too much about running and marathon training lately and not enough about my family! While I LOVE running, I LOVE (even more!) showing off what my sweet babes have been doing.

Here's what we have been up to this last week:

1. Someone (who should remain nameless) thought that Mickey needed to be bundled up for bedtime one night after bath. I personally love the makeshift pillow. (creativity at it's finest!)

2. My 3-yr-old decided to write her name at Wee Wigglers - her full name at that. We should have thought about the length of her name when we (finally) decided what we were going to call her. Sure, she has some work to do, but they taught this kind of stuff at the age of three! (I plead ignorance!)

3. Our roller-coaster of dry weather continued and we had some extra-mild January afternoons to play outside. Brax especially enjoyed his car - but not in it. No, he'd much rather do the manly work of pushing it. (sometimes with sis in tow!)

4. Jack had a nice, three-day weekend and so we took advantage of it with an errand trip to Wichita on Sunday afternoon/evening. Our kids loved running through Academy Sports, but really enjoyed the ravioli and salad at Olive Garden and the cotton candy ice cream with chocolate chips at Coldstone Creamery. (Mackie's pick!)

5. Our beloved Cats played the icky Jayhawks in the first-round of Sunflower Showdown last night. While our Cats lost (double boo - a loss and to KU - ick!) our sweeties sure looked cute in purple!

6. And perhaps my biggest splurge of the week came in the form of these $10 steal of a deal ballet leopard flats from Target. They're having major clearance (we're talking 70-90% off!) on items right now. Normally I don't fall into the sale trap, but I did when I saw these.....and when I saw the $1.50-$2.50 price tag on toddler boy winter clothing. (Phew - Brax won't go naked next winter!)

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