Monday, February 4, 2013

A Special Date with Grandma

My mom called me up a few weeks ago, excited beyond belief that "Sesame Street Live" was coming to Wichita. They usually come each year, but this was the year - the year that Mackie was old enough to take in - and enjoy! - the 90 minute show and goodies that came with it.

Grandma Beth picked Mackie up and they went off to Wichita yesterday afternoon. Mackie enjoyed playing in the Play Zone and meeting the SS characters before the show began.

And when the show started? Of course she asked for cotton candy. And what good grandma wouldn't spoil her granddaughter and oblige?! :) 

Mackie crashed from all of the excitement, but immediately perked up when we got her out of the car (sugar high, perhaps?!) and bee-bopped to the Sesame Street CD that grandma bought her during the show. 

Thanks, grandma, for the fun time! 

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