Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Heart Day! 2013

I LOVE Valentine's Day. And not for the candy (though good!), the flowers (I threaten my husband that if he ever buys them at four times the price, he's in trouble!), or the cheesy love themes (though Pandora Love Songs was pretty rockin' yesterday!). 

No, I love Heart Day simply because it's a day we can shower those we love even more! We don't do Valentine's Day big in our house. We stick to $10 or less for the kiddos and about $10-$15 each for Jack and I. We'd rather spend more money on important celebrations - you know, anniversaries and birthdays.

My hubs did not disappoint in his creative ways this year. I often find it difficult to find a fun, quirky gift and card for just around $10. But Jack? The guy is a genius. He showered me with the BEST gift ever - a homemade cryptoquip book he put together himself, complete with Hot Tamales (my fave candy), and a DVD that I had been wanting for quite some time now. My socks were knocked off. 

You see, I had been searching for a my favorite word puzzle in book-form (like my beloved crosswords). But they didn't have a cryptoquip-only book anywhere! I settled for enjoying them only on the weekends when we had the paper delivered. So hubs, being the awesome and creative man that he is, talked to one of my former reporter friends at the News to see if he could get several back issues and cut each puzzle out of the paper and bind them together. He ran out of time, so instead he searched for free cryptoquip puzzles online, printed them out and put them together in a binder. So thoughtful! If that doesn't say love, I don't know what does.....

This year we had a few extra-special treats with our family. I happened to win a free Valentine's photo session, prints, and two dozen delish sugar cookies from a local photographer in town. (Thanks, Joy! Check out her work at What a treat to have some awesome local photogs around here!)

Here are my sweeties:

Our other treat came with Mackie's preschool Valentine's party. This was the first year she handed her own out - what a big girl! I searched on Pinterest for some simple, preschool-style Valentines and wahla! The end result...

Mackie loved gluing the hearts together and picking out what pencils went with what Valentine. She also enjoyed holding her finger down so I could tie it all together. What a big girl she's becoming!

We hope you had a marvelous heart day, celebrating your love for others as well as the most amazing love gift of all: Jesus's death on the cross for our sins.

"...and the greatest of these is love...." (1 Corinthians 13:13)

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