Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mama on the Run Musings: Getting Back to Routine

On to week #6 of Cleveland Marathon training! For those of you who are running the marathon (or other spring marathons), how is your training going?! We've been fortunate so far with a somewhat mild winter (meaning: no ice, sleet, lots of snow or miserable wind chills) to take a toll on outdoor training. And while I'm happy about that, I also feel like we "cheat" winter when there's not much snow or winter-like weather, not to mention the fact that we're suffering a major drought in central-western Kansas and there's a three-year-old at home who wants a SNOW DAY!).

That aside, it's refreshing to look at the week ahead and surge on. As I indicated in last week's blog, I went out of town for a work trip for four days! Four days away from my hubs, babes, chaos at home, and my regular running/workout routine. It was a pleasant trip to Manhattan (any time you go to your old college stomping grounds it's bound to be fun!) and I was able to get my workouts in between the hotel's gym (cross-training) and a nice, scenic run around campus and the 'Ville. So much fun to run outdoors and re-live the memories of college life!

I'm very glad I tweaked my training schedule and swapped "long run" weeks. It was nice to get up and run a 6-miler this morning as opposed to the 10-miler that was originally scheduled (ran that last week). This coming week it's back to the long runs and routine of balancing training with life at home with the kidlets and work, cooking healthy dinners and enjoying them as a family around the table (a novel concept!), and work, work, workin' away in the office on some exciting endeavors ahead!

Here's the run-down for Week #6 of Cleveland Marathon training:
Monday: Run 50 minutes easy
Tuesday: XT Day (40-45 min) with ST (strength training)
Wednesday: Run 60 minutes easy with 4-6 pick-ups
Thursday: XT Day (40-45 min) with ST
Friday: Run 40 min easy
Saturday: Run 11 miles long
Sunday: REST DAY!

As far as meal planning, I'm back in the saddle again! Don't you find it refreshing to come back home after a few days away and plan out your family meals for the coming week?! That being said - what are your go-to healthy dinners on busy weeknights? 

Dinners this week:
Tonight: Breakfast for dinner (a favorite, plus I'm able to make a few extra batches of pancakes and freeze them for breakfasts later in the week)
Sunday: Enchiladas w/ Chips and Salsa (no Super Bowl plans to date - pretty hectic week and weekend so we'll probably just veg at home with kidlets)
Monday: Crockpot Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry w/Rice (Jack has a home game)
Tuesday: Easy Fix (Jack has an away game so it'll just be kidlets and me!)
Wednesday: Crockpot Chili w/ Cinnamon Rolls and Veggies/Dip
Thursday: Chicken Pasta w/ Broccoli
Friday: Jack has a home game, so we'll eat there

I may switch things up or get inspired to make something new, but that's the game plan as far as meals go. I really need to get a binder made up of all the new recipes I've found on Pinterest. Anyone do this? Does it help to print out recipes and keep them on-hand rather than on the computer/phone/iPad? 

Have a great week ahead - to God be the glory!

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