Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mama on the Run Musings: Holy Snow, Batman!

Who woulda thunk our neck of the woods would have received more than a foot of snow this past week?!

After our two mild winters, certainly not me! But hey - we'll take the moisture. We are in a big-time drought, after all.

God blessed us with a great downpour of snow this week - 14+ inches in our area. And while it was a huge treat to (finally) take the kids out and enjoy building snowmen, making snow angels, and going sledding, it also was time to get creative with this week's training.

I was able to re-arrange the running schedule for my weekday runs to go around the storm. That didn't happen for the easy and long weekend runs. I ended up doing my 12-miler yesterday, using a mix of treadmill (ugh ugh ugh!) time and two different outdoor outings around my neighborhood. I just anymore of the treadmill after slugging through an hour on there. I had headphones. I had my favorite movie. It just wasn't working. Jack made a great point in that taller people (like myself and him) struggle with the 'mill more often because it requires us to really shorten our stride. Makes sense to me and I'll take that as an "excuse" for my slower than molasses treadmill times. Outdoors wasn't much better (time-wise), in between snow drifts and snow/ice packed roads, but hey - it was sunny, I could actually "break free" and run, and the neighbors didn't look at me (too) funny. It was by far the slowest miles I'd ever run before, but as I indicated to fellow running friends, probably my biggest accomplishment, mentally-tough wise.

I also ran outdoors today for a shake-out run, and ended up going longer and farther than expected. I seriously felt like I was sprinting compared to yesterday, but alas, it was still slower than usual as I dodged black ice and again, trekked cautiously on the snow/ice packed streets. Slower is better than injured, right?! And it gives me a good excuse to actually slow down to what will probably be a better marathon race-pace for me anyway.

This week looks like another one of adjustments as we're looking at the potential for more (yes, MORE!) snow on Sunday night into Monday. The plan is to hit the outdoors and run for about an hour tomorrow (my typical rest day) and rest on Monday when there is most likely going to be another 6-12" of snow on the ground. My legs definitely need some rest time so I'll be looking forward to it!

Here's the schedule (for now) for Week 9....

Monday: (really Sunday) Run 60 minutes easy
Tuesday: XT 40-45 minutes and ST (strength train)
Wednesday: Tempo Run (10 minute warm-up; 10 min hard w/ 2 min easy *2; 10-15 min cool-down)
Thursday: XT 40-45 minutes and ST
Friday: Run 40 minutes easy
Saturday: Long Run of 14 miles
Sunday: REST DAY!!

I'm hoping to make some yummy dinners this week, too. It all depends on Jack's bball schedule (sub-state week!), but the plan is to make the following: Chicken Enchiladas w/ broccoli; Vegetable Beef Soup w/ Homemade Biscuits; Crockpot Honey-Orange Chicken w/Stir-Fry Veggies and Rice; Breakfast for Dinner; Homemade Pizzas;  Chicken & Noodles with Mashed Potatoes.

Here's to another great week of running - in the snow and ice.

Happy running!

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