Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mama on the Run Musings: Week 7 & Athleta

Happy Sunday, y'all!

This week was a bit difficult of a running week - not gonna lie. While I managed (barely) to get my runs in, I just sorta felt out of it. Even struggled to keep pounding the pavement. I always know I'm not feeling it when I keep putting off my run on Saturday. For two hours that morning I just had the run over my head, like a dark, looming cloud right before it's about to downpour (we could use a lot of those right now in Kansas!).

Anyhow, I'm taking it as a cue my body needs more, adequate rest (quality vs. quantity when you have two little ones and a super duper busy work schedule and huge deadlines these next two weeks!), a healthier diet (a few more meals on-the-go this week meant emptier tummy and upset one when food actually arrived in it), and to back down on the mental aspect a bit (okay, a lot!). 

I feel like I'm at that point in training - and it's happened before - when I'm thinking too much about running and trying to make sure to get every.single.workout and mile in that I'm failing to really enjoy running and the real reason why I'm doing it! Anyone else struggle with this from time to time in your training? How do you overcome it?!

I overcome it by trying to tweak the above mentions (sleep, diet, attitude) and simply surge ahead. Here's a glimpse of this week's training regimen:

Monday: Run 60 minutes easy (hoping to get this all in at once, but will mentally prepare myself for possible having to run a good portion in the morning and then another smaller chunk at night or on the dreadmill due to time constraints in the a.m.)
Tuesday: XT 40-45 min easy w/ Strength
Wednesday: Tempo A workout (warm-up of 5-10 minutes, followed by 5 min hard/2 min easy * 4 times, cool down of 5-10 minutes)
Thursday: XT 40-45 minutes easy w/Strength
Friday: Run 40 minutes
Saturday: Run 12 miles
Sunday: OFF/Rest Day!

It's another hectic week in the Conkling casa as Jack wraps up his regular season basketball with two games in three days and has parent-teacher conferences, too. I'm in my busiest time in my job (next to the week leading up to a huge special event) in that I have a very large publication deadline I'm trying to get out. 

God is gracious and good with these amazing opportunities. We just have to remember to treat our bodies as temples - His holy temple when we're trying to balance it all, and remember that we're living for HIM, not for ourselves!

On another note (and I've been meaning to blog about it, so I'll just throw it in here today!)....

I love, love, LOVE Athleta brand! I'm a Gap girl and Athleta is a Gap-owned company for fitness and all things outdoors. They have beautiful, comfy athletic clothes, dresses/skirts, leggings, swim suits, and body gear, etc that actually fits to a woman's (especially tall one like me!) body. Their items are pricey at times (again, not gonna lie!) for this part-time working mama with two babies at home, but I tend to save up birthday and other "fun" money throughout the year, try to take advantage of sales (a rarity for them), and bank it with my Gap points/promos, and I can get some pretty good deals. 

I recently purchased a bathing suit - my first real bathing suit since having kiddos - and LOVE it! It's modest and feminine and practical, all in one. But my most recent buy (thank you, Christmas money and gift cards!) is a pair of their Runabout Pants. They're specifically in the tall size and fit me perfect, hug every curve (in a comfy way), and are just plain smart with their strategic pockets and such. I feel like such a girl wearing these pants and seem to run a bit taller. :)

Ladies, if you haven't been to their site, you need to check them out. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!


Sarah said...

Opening on the Plaza soon!

The Feather Files said...

I love Athleta too! I have the best summer dress that I bought from them and I got it on sale for $29.99!!! That's about as cheap as you can get from them! It is made of workout material and it is so cute and perfect for those hot summer days. I've loved most everything I've gotten.