Thursday, February 21, 2013

Papa's Birthday Gift

In late January we celebrated Jack's dad's birthday. In mid-February, we were (finally) able to present him with his homemade gift! 

We decided to do something fun for Papa's birthday. He loves whenever Mackie bakes him cookies. Mackie loves any chance to bake cookies. So I got to about a cookie of the month club?

An idea was born!

Now I'll tell you right now I'm not very crafty. I admire my amazing, talented, crafty friends who have this amazing creativity and can whip up something that's usually super-cute, super-affordable, and super-thoughtful (y'all know who you are!). 

This is about as good as I get. 

1: I found this cute plate that had been used once for Mackie's rainbow birthday party decorations. It basically held the cupcakes and that's it. I kept it and am glad I did! I used a paint pen (two actually - and both were on their last leg, thus the hard-to-read font!) and personalized Papa's cookie plate. (again, keepin' it simple here!)

2: I then whipped up some cute little order cards for each of the remaining months. He can circle what kind of cookie he wants each month and then we deliver within a week (returning the plate). 

3: We then had some beautiful V-Day cookies that were made for us, put them on a plate with his cookie order cards and wrapped them up in a box.

Happy Birthday, Papa Scaliwag! We hope you enjoy your "homemade" gift - all year long!

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Monique Bergmeier said...

We did this one year for Thad's dad and it was great! Though mailing them every month for us was a bit of a hindrance, I think we managed to only miss about 2 or 3 months. Great idea!