Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Day, Part II

We're on Day 3 of snow days for Jack - again, who'da thunk it?! I feel like Jack's been home forever. He was off early last Wednesday, off for snow day on Thursday, already had off Friday, and then again yesterday and today due to the snow (again).

We've had a lot of snow in six day's time. Round 1 came last Wednesday through Friday and dumped a good 14" or so on the ground. Round 2 came yesterday, and while I'm not sure how much came down, it was enough to cause major snow drifts on the country and surrounding roads and cancel school.

We haven't gone out in Round 2's snow yet. It was too nasty out yesterday (think: blizzard-like with strong, bitter winds), but we may venture out if we're not feeling too lazy today.

Here are some more pics from last week's snow days. As mamas with young babies know, it takes a small army to fully dress and prep little ones to go outside and enjoy the elements for a whopping 20 minutes or so.

While we're enjoying daddy at home (me especially, as I've been able to get a LOT of work done and will go into the office with a small to-do list rather than a huge one!), we are ready to get back to "normal." Whatever that is....

But until then, we will enjoy one more day at home, snuggling and soaking in the moisture that God has granted us. What an answer to prayer!

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