Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Day!

It actually snowed here in Kansas last week - wahoo! And it wasn't a light dusting like earlier this year, but true, old-fashioned snow-day kind of snow. (side note: I wrote this on Friday. It's now snowing - again! - and this time, we're in for even more of the white stuff! So much that Jack has another snow day. Not bad for a Monday!)

This was my view from my home "office" on Thursday: (I worked pretty much all day on a deadline and SO glad that it's done!)....

On work breaks, we all enjoyed some snow day painting....

And making snow ice cream!

And (of course) tasting it!

On Friday, in between running 12 miles and working on deadlines, we took a lunch-break trip to Grandma and Papa's house to go sledding. It was fun to watch the kiddos sled on the exact same sled my brother and I used so many years ago! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - turtle power!)

We're now off to enjoy another snow day. Of course I'll be working from home - extra nice when daddy is home - but there will be some fun in between, including baking cookies, dressing up, making forts, play-doh and legos, and anything else to keep two little bodies and minds occupied. 

Happy Snow Day!

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