Saturday, February 2, 2013

While I Was Gone...

...I think my kids each grew a few inches.

...Mackie learned how to talk like an adult overnight.

...Brax added "ball" to his list of frequently-used words.

...A new tooth (finally) poked all the way through the gum line. (still working on two more - hello, crankies and low-grade fever!)

...Brax's new favorite game is to stack all of the million mini-tubs of play-doh we have. It's quite an accomplishment, until big sis runs through and knocks them all down.

...Mackie sang "Only a Boy Named David" 189 times and counting. (another music video in the making?)

And perhaps the best thing I came home to was when my sweet babies ran to each other before bed, giggling through hugs and blown kisses. Warms my heart to see these precious babies of mine loving on each other.

I'm so glad to be BACK HOME!!

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