Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lysol, We Meet Again!

Why, hello Lysol - how ya' been?!

The last 48 hours have been a fog - maybe it's the Lysol, maybe it's the constant flow of laundry (done mainly by rock star hubs while I was in the office!), maybe it's the multiple bath and dirrtttyyy dipe changes (won't get into details).

Our poor kidlets each have had their own troubles - we'll keep it at that. Poor hubs has been the latest casualty and I'm praying that I'm not next (because, we mamas all know that we're the last to get it, right?!).

This is pretty typical. Right when the weather starts changing and it starts getting nice outside, the Conkling kidlets gets sick. Instead of busting out of our cabin and breaking fevers, we're stuck inside these four walls and the fevers keep getting higher. Boo!

So enjoy the sunshine for me, will ya Kansas folk?! I'm at home, tending to my sweeties - with (some) of the windows open just so the fresh air can simply clean out this house....and the smells!

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