Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mama on the Run Musings: Keep Gettin' Longer

Hello, hello!

Another week has come and gone, which means another long run has come and gone. This week's schedule had me running 16 miles. I did 90% of it on my own this week - thanks, hubs and kidlets, for going out with mommy on the last 2-3 miles in the BOB! - which meant I needed to give seriously thought to updating music on my iPod Shuffle....and what I was going to do for fuel and hydration.

As I stated a few weeks ago, I had some serious GI setbacks after my last long run. It wasn't pleasant and took a lot out of me for most of the day - especially the hours after I finished. Several of you mentioned fueling and hydration. I admitted that I hadn't really been doing a great job of fueling and hydrating. I'm not one who does it anyway, but I knew I needed to start doing it - especially as I was getting into the heart of training.

A sweet running mama and friend (who happens to be running her first full marathon in April - wahoo!) suggested this water bottle. It wasn't bulky. (I hated my fuel belt that I purchased while training for Chicago three years ago. Hate even more the fact I spent money on it!) It wasn't heavy and loud (I hate carrying around a plastic throw-away bottle for that reason). And, like my running jackets and pants, had a sleek little pocket to carry small bits of fuel. A win-win-win!

The water bottle worked great, and so did the fuel I chose. After no success with Gu (eww!) and not opposed to the jelly beans or Shot Blox, but wanting something different, I decided to try the Honey Stingers. LOVED them! They weren't too powerful in flavor and gave me just what I needed. I ate one at around Mile 9 and instantly my energy levels increased. I then finished off my last two miles of the run with Starburst jelly beans (why not?!). I find that peanut MM's and jelly beans are great shots of sugar when you need a little something. Might as well enjoy what I eat while running my legs off!

I finished off my 16-miler with these super cute compression socks. I wore them post-run and my legs definitely benefited from it! This is my first time wearing them and I couldn't be happier.

Here's to another great week of running. It's tourney time in this neck of the woods - Hutchinson hosts the NJCAA men's basketball tournament every year and I'm proud to say that our Hutch Dragons made it to the tournament! (both men and women - way to go!) We'll be taking in a lot of basketball this week, as well as celebrating my 6th anniversary at work and - the most important celebration of all - my husband's 31st birthday! I LOVE spoiling my sweet hubs on his special day!

Monday: Run 50 minutes easy
Tuesday: (Jack's birthday!) XT 40-45 minutes plus ST
Wednesday: Run Tempo Run A (5-10 min warm-up; 5 min hard/2 min easy * 4; 5-10 min cool-down)
Thursday: XT 40-45 minutes plus ST
Friday: Run 40 minutes easy
Saturday: 18-miler
Sunday: Stretch/Rest

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