Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mama On The Run Musings: Runner's High (and Lows)

There's nothing like a good snowfall that really makes you appreciate those runs that don't a: involve the fear of constantly slipping and sliding; b. have you going super duper slow so (a) doesn't happen; and c. avoid traffic as much as possible for fear that a car that doesn't know how to navigate the snow may hit you.

It was a beautiful week for running. Our city crews cleared the streets (and trails!) and I was able to navigate my weekday and Saturday's long run with ease. I felt like I was sprinting on my Wednesday and Friday runs - maybe because - when you compare with the really slow times from last weekend - I was! :)

Saturday's 14-miler was pleasant with a fellow running mama and friend. I've really made it a point to have some company in my longer runs this training season. And I'm glad I do! While I slow her down (I know I do, but she's nice enough to stick with me!), I appreciate the time she takes out of her Saturday to run through some what-would-be-tougher-than-normal long miles. It sure gets lonely when you're doing double-digit runs, but having even a chunk of them done with a running pal makes it much, much, much more bearable!

The lows of my running, however, came shortly after Saturday's run. I won't get into details, but let's just say I've been having some GI issues when it comes to 10+mile runs lately. Nothing like this morning, and I hope it was a mix of diet, stress, and the long run with little/no fuel or water. I'm going to tweak some things and hope it doesn't make a return as my long day miles increase. I'll just keep it at that.

Any other runners out there have GI issues? This has never happened to me before - in all the years of training for full and half marathons, I've been blessed that it hasn't been an issue. I'd love to hear your tips/suggestions!

I'm having to tweak my Saturday long runs in the coming weeks due to our favorite Easter Sun Run 10K on March 30. I was supposed to have an 18-miler that Saturday, but I'm adjusting the schedule starting this coming week so I can do that long run the week before and enjoy the 10K without having extra-long miles to run after the race.

That being said, here's the upcoming running week:

Monday: Run 45 minutes easy
Tuesday: XT 40-45 minutes with ST
Wednesday: Run Tempo A workout (5-10 minutes warm-up, followed by 5 min hard/2 min easy (4x), then 5-10 min cool-down)
Thursday: XT 40-45 minutes with ST
Friday: 40 minutes easy
Saturday: 16-miler long run
Sunday: OFF/Rest Day with stretching

I'm going to start adding stretching into my rest day following the super long miles. My legs are feeling really good after the 14-miler today, and I was pleased with my average 9:14/mile pace. Sure, I'd love to keep up at least 9 min/mile or faster with those double-digit runs, but I've come to the realization at this point in my life it just isn't going to happen. I'm happy with hitting 8:30-8:45 average pace on my weekday runs (sometimes faster!) but going a bit slower on my longer runs. Shoot, I even have some walk breaks in my long runs but as long as I keep moving, I'm happy mentally and physically. It would be great if I could keep a 10:00/mile pace for the marathon and finish with a time of around 4:20 or so. I'd be thrilled with even a 4:30 finish time, as that's been my goal since starting marathons in 2007.

We shall see. Only time will tell!

For now, happy running, y'all! Go out and enjoy the sunshine and warmer temps this coming week (if you're in Kansas!).

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stephplus4 said...

Goodness, I hate GI issues and unfortunately have had to deal with them for two of my three marathons and many long runs. I think I finally got it right with the last marathon and have followed this since. I reduced the amount of fruit, veggies, and dairy that I ate about a week before and even cut down on whole grains about three days before. I was mainly eating protein and carbs like pasta and rice. I decided that Gatorade or other sports drinks weren't a good idea for me, so I stuck to just water. Not sure if this will work for you but just wanted to share what helped me.