Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oh the Madness!

This week Jack had a birthday. I LOVE celebrating my sweeties' birthdays - Jack and the kids. There's something so special about your birthday. I LOVE spoiling the person to pieces and spending the day showering the birthday person with treats. 

This year, thanks to some friends from church, I was able to spoil Jack with the best.surprise.ever: Tickets to watch our beloved Wildcats play in their first-round game in the NCAA tourney! (I suppose it's technically called the second round game...still don't get that one). 

It was the first time we'd seen the Wildcats football or basketball team play in person all season. And it was a miserable one. (bummer!) Our boys played terrible in the first half, tried to make a triumphant come-back, but (in my opinion - that's worth two cents) didn't execute well or were coached well in the last two minutes and lost by two. It's still hard to swallow, as we had the perfect bracket set-up had we won that game and continued to play tonight vs. Ole Miss. We still are playing the game over and over in our heads and have yet to update our brackets (for what they're worth at this point!).

I guess that's what happens this time of year. March Madness, baby! Nonetheless, it was a treat to spend the day driving with my amazing birthday boy and enjoying a game without having to constantly entertain, dish out snacks, and pick up/apologize to everyone around us for the mess and craziness. 

Special thanks to our friends and to our awesome sitter and family for taking the kids an extra day. Wildcats, we hope you grow and learn from this....and we're sad for you, seniors, as it's been quite the ride. EMAW, baby!

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