Sunday, March 31, 2013

PR During Marathon Training

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you've had a wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus as you worshipped and had fellowship with family and friends.

Easter brings about a FAVORITE race in our household - the Easter Sun Run 10K! It was the first race my husband and I did when we started to "seriously" run about 7 years ago - and we've been doing it every year ever since! I even did it while pregnant with my daughter (had to do the 2-mile walk as I was on light exercise, doc's orders), but was also able to do the full 10K run while pregnant with my son. We've had some fun stories in between, too - mainly involving the weather. It's been everywhere from a "balmy" 70 degrees to a cold 20 degrees with a bitter 20-30 mph wind. 

This year was PERFECT! It was a beautiful 55 degrees out by race start with only 10 mph winds or less (basically NO wind in Kansas!). And the folks who put on this race I say this knowing all of the effort and work it takes in putting on a top-notch event, as I have the pleasure of coordinating three different races (part of the newly created Hutch Rec Race Series!) as part of my job at Hutchinson Recreation Commission. I find myself a bit pickier with races since becoming a race coordinator and hats off to the awesome coordinators, volunteers, and post-race festivities that make the Easter Sun Run one of the best 10K/2-mile events in Kansas!'s an event for the entire family, so if you're in the Wichita area during future Easter weekends, I strongly encourage you to participate!

I adjusted my training schedule this week to seriously take on the 10K. I wanted to race the 10K -  and finally break 50 minutes in the 10K. I really felt my long runs this time of year helped me perform my best at this year's race....and I made my PR with a time of 48:59, placing 8th in my age group of 63 people. This running mama was pleased as punch with that! :) 

But here's the best part....late into the race, hubs realized he wasn't going to PR, so he turned around right before the finish line and found me so he could help me get mine. How romantic! Any running wife/mama out there knows how precious and meaningful this is!

Celebrating with hubs post-race!

I had a few more miles to run after the race, so I took advantage of running in a different city by taking in some new parts of the trails in Wichita. It was a great morning of running and the extra miles after the race allowed me to stretch out the tired legs. 

It's back to normal this week - Jack goes back to work after spring break; Mackie gets back to her normal preschool/Cubbies routine; and I get back on track with cooking meals every night and enjoying my family being together and at home. I'm very excited for Saturday, though, because after my long run I'll be going to Hutch's newest and awesome bookstore, Bluebird Books, to take part in their Read, Run, and Ride event where I get to talk about all things running in Hutchinson! What fun and how fitting that it's after a long run!

Monday: 50 minutes easy
Tuesday: XT 40-45 minutes w/ST
Wednesday: Tempo A (Warm-up; Run 5 min hard/2 min easy *4; Cool-down)
Thursday: XT 40-45 minutes w/ST
Friday: 40 minutes easy
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: OFF/Rest/Stretch

Happy running this week, everyone! It's finally SPRING around this neck of the woods!

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