Saturday, March 9, 2013

So Much For Schedule Adjustments....

It's definitely been a blah week on the running front - combined with a very sick family, little sleep (from taking care of everyone in the house plus trying to work on some key projects in the office), and not a great diet (again, who wants to cook when everyone is feeling puny?).

It took a lot out of me - and I crashed at 8 p.m. last night, not feeling great myself. I woke up this morning not feeling great, but knowing that I needed to get something in the form of a run in.

Earlier this week I talked about adjusting the long run schedule due to some upcoming weekend activities and work commitments. I went into this week mentally preparing to do a 16-miler on Saturday instead of the scheduled 8-miler.

So much for schedule adjustments.....that 16-miler was thrown out the window as one after another, my family fell victim to a nasty virus and I was left to fight for myself while tending to everyone else.

I went back to the original running schedule and slugged out an 8-miler this morning. It was UGLY - I had to walk some intervals and my tired body didn't like the 20+mph wind and rain. But what's a running gal to do? You simply persevere and keep moving forward. These days are more of a mental task than anything!

Next week I'll tackle the 16-miler (like my schedule says!) - getting up extra-early so I can get it in before heading off to a work commitment.

Gotta love training schedules, right?! Ah, the joys of a running mama!

Any of you running mamas (or daddies) out there who constantly have to adjust and re-adjust the running schedule? I'm really not the only crazy one out there who debates back and forth all week long on what I should do when family or work - or LIFE - gets a little crazy, am I?! (please, tell me I'm not!) :) 

Here's the running sked for next week - crazy to think we're half-way done with marathon training! In Kansas we have a beautiful week of weather ahead of us - temps most days in the 60s-70s. Bring on spring!

Monday: Run 60 min w/ pick-ups (this may turn into two different runs - morning and after naps w/ kids in the BOB)
Tuesday: 40-45 min XT w/ST
Wednesday: Run Tempo B (Warm-up 5-10 min; 10 min hard w/ 2 min easy * 2; 5-10 min cool-down)
Thursday: 40-45 min XT w/ST
Friday: Run 40 min easy
Saturday: Run 16 miles long
Sunday: Off/Rest/Stretch Day

Happy running, y'all!

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