Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break!

Happy Spring Break week!

Really the only one who was technically "off" this week was my lovely hubs - a well-deserved break after a hectic winter/basketball season and busy NJCAA tourney week. 

And while I was still workin' away this week, we did squeeze in some fun activities here and there with daddy being at home and the schedule a bit more flexible. 

We started off the week dying Easter eggs. I love that my sweet preschooler is starting to get it. You know, the lightbulb is coming on with the reason why we celebrate Easter. (huge thanks to Grace Bible Church children's ministry and our family and friends who are constantly teaching and showing her this, too!) We talked about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. And we've been talking about why He died on the cross for our sins and why God sent His precious son to do so. 

On Monday afternoon, perhaps the coldest day of break thus far, we all put on our swimsuits and visited the indoor pool. We had a good time splishing and splashing and jumping around in the (nice and warm) pool. Afterward, we bundled up and bought slushies and drinks. You'd think it was 100 degrees out rather than the 32 degrees it was outside! 

And yesterday.....was the day I was dreading! We finally caved and went to get Brax's hair cut for the first time. I had been trimming a few times here and there, but had yet to really go all in and cut his hair. It was time. I gave in. And now my little baby boy is officially a "big boy" with a "big boy haircut." Sigh. He already looks a decade older (okay, I'm a bit dramatic here, but still!). Mackie also got her hair trimmed a bit. We told her that even Rapunzel needed a hair trim every now and then. (She thinks she'll be able to grow her hair to the floor - oh me!)

We capped off our day with a trip to Taco Hut (a Hutch favorite!) and our church skate night at the skating rink! Mackie talked about all day how she couldn't wait to wear her new Barbie roller skates (she received them at Christmas and had only worn them a time or two in the driveway). She also insisted on wearing her princess bike helmet - "I gotta protect this head, mom!" - but we conveniently left it in the trunk of the car. ;)

My Little Miss Independent had a great time skating and quickly learned that she could do it herself without holding mommy's hand. She also enjoyed jumping on the moonwalk - probably spent more time in there than actually on the skating rink.

And our sweet Braxton Cade enjoyed climbing on the Skee-Ball game while the girls skated.....silly boy!

The kidlets cap off their week-o-fun with a sleepover at grandma and grandpa's tomorrow night (yee-haw!) while mommy and daddy wake up extra-early on Saturday morning to participate in our favorite 10K race of the year - the Easter Sun Run! We'll then spend the rest of Saturday with family celebrating Easter and finalize this wonderful week with Easter Sunday worship, followed by family time at my cousin's farm.

Happy Spring, everyone!

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