Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mama On The Run Musings: Not My Week

I was in one of those Debbie Downer running moods this week. 

Almost (all) of my runs just didn't feel right - especially today's 20-miler. I was sleep-deprived (toddler and preschool issues combined for every.single.night this week of restlessness, getting up multiple times for multiple issues, and never getting a solid chunk of time to rest), I ate too many sweets (leftover Easter candy is now gone after I finally had enough!), and I just didn't feel like doing my workouts - both running and cross-training. 

I powered through and completed another training week....but I am definitely looking forward to a new week, a new attitude, and nicer spring weather won't hurt, either! 

I do want to say a huge THANK YOU to my wonderful hubs and sweet babies. Not only does he take over almost all day on the super-long runs, but he also packed the kiddos up in our BOB to run (a very slow run for him!) a few miles toward the end of my long run this morning. It was super nice, as I did this week's long run by myself. These cute little signs and pics from my babies definitely helped on those last few miles!

(Notice my compression socks? One of my best post-long run things to put on!)

It's definitely a team decision when choosing to take on another marathon. Jack knows full well the time commitment it takes to training - that includes the extra-long hours spent running on Saturday mornings, as well as the recovery hours after the long run, when the tiredness and soreness set in and I find it difficult to chase after and pick up the kidlets. 

So thank you, Jack, for not only supporting me in this race, but for being my biggest cheerleader - especially on those days (like today) when I'm not feeling my best. I love you so very much!

Here's to a better running week - so long, pitty's tough time as there's only five more training weeks left! I have a new running workout - Tempo C - to tackle on Wednesday! What do you out there do during an "off" running week or maybe just an "off" workout? Share your tips!

Monday: Run 60 minutes easy
Tuesday: XT 40-45 minutes w/Strength Train
Wednesday: Tempo C (Warm-up walk; Run easy 10 min; 25 min hard/tempo pace; 5 min easy; Cool-down walk)
Thursday: XT 40-45 minutes w/ST
Friday: Run 40 minutes easy
Saturday: Long run 10 miles
Sunday: Stretch and Rest

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