Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mama On The Run: One Month & Counting!

It's been an eventful week, to say the least. One that started out with such fun, inspiring stories as it kicked off with the Boston Marathon....only to end hours later in tragedy and dispair. Thank God, though, that justice prevailed and hopefully the healing can begin in Boston. We continue to pray for healing........

Coach Jenny - who also happens to be providing training plans for the Cleveland Marathon - has a GREAT way to help support those victims from Boston. Visit her website for more details on how you can help, and log some miles along the way!

Miles this week were filled with both heartache and inspiration. I know that the great race coordinators at the Cleveland Marathon are working to pay tribute to Boston in some way, as well as amp up safety measures. I know that I'm looking forward to a great race - and I'm sure many of you fellow runners are, too!

Who's close to taper time?! I have one more 20-miler left to do on Saturday and then it's that "middle school" time.  You know, that time in training when you feel awkward and just plain weird - just like you did in middle school (or at least I know that I did....and the awful pics from my tween years prove it!).

Here's the running plan this week....I also have the best of intentions to really amp up my nutrition and key in on whole, healthy foods these four weeks prior to race time. Of course I will have some moments (we all do, don't we?!) but I want to clean out the system as much as possible before race day.

Happy Running!

Monday: Run 60 minutes w/pick-ups (double work-out, one in morning and another w/ kiddos in BOB after nap)
Tuesday: XT 40-45 minutes with ST
Wednesday: Tempo Run C (Warm-up 5-10 min; 20 min hard; Cool-down 5-10 min)
Thursday: XT 40-45 minutes with ST
Friday: Run 30 minutes easy
Saturday: 20-miler long (LAST ONE!!)
Sunday: Rest, rest, rest

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