Saturday, April 6, 2013

Six Weeks Left? Say It Ain't So!

I can't believe that it's only SIX WEEKS until Cleveland Marathon race day. Talk about time flying!

It has been a lovely last few days here in Kansas, with more spring-like weather in the form of good ole thunderstorms and rain in the coming days. Wahoo! I can't tell you how delightful it was to run a 10-miler this morning in the 50's and breezy wind compared to the 20's and a bitter wind. Huge difference. Huge!

It's on to Week #15 in training mode. I'm starting to get nervous - but not about the race (although that time will come). No, I'm getting nervous about the logistics of traveling a 16-hour trip with a 1-yr-old and a 3-yr-old. We've been stocking up on travel treats and surprises and such - games, snacks, movies, fun "surprises", etc etc. And while I'm working on an itinerary, I am telling myself that it HAS to be flexible! (thanks to all of those who keep giving us advice on traveling with little ones - it is much appreciated!)

In other news, it's been a weepy-milestone-sort-of-week for this mama. I kicked off the week with writing a check to preschool so my oldest will have a spot in the upcoming school year. (cry) I finished the week by purchasing a big-boy twin-sized bed for my youngest. (double cry) We are getting close to being officially done with the crib. Forever. Cry, cry, cry. If hubs and I weren't so tired of getting up when he bangs against the crib rails or gets tangled up in them due to lack of space, I would probably sob some more.

But back to running....(which offers a good distraction to my babies suddenly growing up on me)....

This week looks like another beautiful spring-like week (as I mentioned above), with a thunderstorm thrown in a few times to mix things up. After running in sleet, ice pellets, knee-deep snow, ice, and bitter cold temps with an even bitter wind, thunderstorms don't seem like that big of deal. In fact, it sounds delightful! (at least a run in the rain does, minus the lightning!)

I'm back to the long runs this week. It was a nice two-week break (last week's 10K and this week's scheduled 10-miler), but now we're getting into the big stuff. The 20-milers! Only TWO to do and this Saturday will be the first of them!

Monday: 60 min run w/pick-ups (may have to divide this in two, which actually I'd love to take the kids out in the BOB for my second run of the day if it works!)
Tuesday: XT 40-45 min w/ Strength
Wednesday: Tempo B run (Warm-up 5-10 min; Run 10 min hard followed by 2 min easy *2; Cool-down 5-10 min)
Thursday: XT 40-45 min w/Strength
Friday: Easy 30 minutes (really will have to tell myself ONLY 30 minutes...sometimes I like going longer than 30 and it's hard to stop, but I know I'll need my legs on Saturday!)
Saturday: Long Run - 20 miles!
Sunday: Rest & Stretch

Keep on pressing on, fellow runners and mamas out there! Have a GREAT week of running ahead (and enjoy the rest of your weekend!).


Monique Bergmeier said...

Say it IS so! Can't wait to welcome you all to beautiful Ohio!

stephplus4 said...

Wow, what an emotional time! I start crying at random times when I think of my babies (twins) starting real school next year. So glad you have running to help :-) Good luck with the rest of training!