Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mama On The Run: (Real) Taper Time!

It's really taper time now, folks! I wrapped up my last double-digit run before the big 26.2 miles in just two short weeks - a 10-miler that required me to dig out the winter running gear (again). Crazy Kansas weather. Hubs went to his last day of school this week in the snow. SNOW!! If anyone complains about our first 100-degree day this coming summer, well........

Anyhow, it's going to be a very busy next two weeks. We just survived hosting a garage sale this weekend with some close family friends (All baby stuff - gone! Vacay money - sweet!). Now it's all about wrapping up travel plans, purchasing (more) games/entertainment/anything to keep the kids busy on the 16-hr trip, and figuring out what exact route we want to take and refining the "itinerary" (because it's a definite loose term - "itinerary" - with two babes in tow!). 

I'll also be cramming three weeks of work into two - because we all know that when you take vacation from work for a week, you do all that you can to work ahead and (try not to but end up) checking emails so the inbox isn't flooded or crash while you're gone. Seriously. 

It's good that we're so busy - it will serve as a good distraction as the mileage really starts to taper down starting this week. Here's the plan:

Monday: Run 45 min w/ pick-ups
Tuesday: 40-45 min cross train w/strength
Wednesday: Tempo C (run 5-10 min w-up; hard 20 min; 5-10 min c-down)
Thursday: 40-45 min cross train w/strength
Friday: Run 30 min easy
Saturday: Run 7 miles
Sunday: Rest and stretch

Have a great week running, everyone! 

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