Thursday, May 30, 2013

Road Trippin': Part Four

We wrap up our Vacation 2013 with my last post reflecting on our crazy week - and mentioning some things I may have forgotten in the first three installments (mommy brain on overload this week!). 

Perhaps the highlights of the two nights we stayed in hotel rooms (one night there, one night back) was allowing the kidlets to jump on the bed. On our first night's stay, Mackie looked at us very quizzingly when we told her to get up on the bed and then jump away. She didn't believe us...until Brax was up there and we weren't disciplining him for doing so (smart little cookie). 

By our second night's stay (on the way back), she immediately knew that hotel room equals jumping on (and off!) the bed. We apologize to any neighbors below or right next to us.

We also had our first ice cream cones at McDonald's on the trip (yes, my kids have been sheltered!). Following the delicious soft-serve treat, they then proceeded to the germy (ewwww) play place to run/jump/hop off some energy. Again, my kids are sheltered (and for good reason when it comes to the play place - let's just say there was a LOT of hand/feet washing and antibacterial gel!). 

We also tried to stop at a new restaurant for the kids - one that was family-friendly and had lots of fun things to look or play with. Cracker Barrel hit the spot for lunch on the way back home!

I can't avoid a blog post without the pretty pics from St. Louis. This was on our way home - a beautiful way to say good morning! Mackie wondered why the rainbow was white...and where the colors went on it. Oh me.

And perhaps the BEST stop on the way home? Trader Joe's! None of us had ever been and it was a treat! We all (okay, Mackie and I) enjoyed perusing the aisles for great organic and healthy deals on some everyday staples (you know, baking goods, cereal, pasta, snacks, and coffee!). Mackie simply loved having her own shopping cart!

Overall, our kidlets did surprisingly well for their first super-duper long road trip. And I know I enjoyed having a more relaxed schedule, one that didn't center around naptime, bedtime, and meal time! We did find a good rhythm in our long hours in the car, mixing it up with lots of games/activities/books/music with snacks and DVD time. It was all about balance and choosing what battles to fight - and we realized that on vacation, we were going to fight less battles. 

It's been a week of getting back to a more "normal" parents with littles out there know how fun that can be, right?! 

We're simply thankful to God for giving us the means to go on the trip, allowing us precious time with sweet friends, keeping us safe and healthy, and giving us the chance to create precious memories along the way. 

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