Friday, May 24, 2013

Road Trippin': Part One

Eight days.

More than 2,100 miles on the road = 16 hours of road time (twice) = four total days of driving. 

Man, are we glad to be home! But now it's time to recap our first-ever LONG road trip as a family of four. Because memories are made through miles and miles of driving, screaming kids who are completely off of a schedule and trapped in a car for long hours, and everything in between. 

We kicked off our Vacation 2013 to Cleveland last Thursday. Twenty minutes into the trip, as we were approaching McPherson to jump on the interstate, Mackie pointed to a building and asked "Is that the hotel?"

We soon found out "Is that the hotel?" was the 3 1/2-year-old version of "Are we there yet?"

Our first half-day of driving went exceptionally well. Both kids were super excited and happy to eat breakfast and snacks in the car, plus the new treasures and toys they were able to finally break out. 

We stopped in Kansas City to burn off some energy at the Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park. We had taken Mackie there the last time we were in the KC area and absolutely loved it. Plus, it was FREE for all of us! (it's free on Mon-Thurs and super duper cheap on Fridays and the weekends, FYI). 

My sweeties loved walking around and looking all things farm.

The highlight, however, was feeding the goats some bottles of milk (only $1 each!). Brax enjoyed the feedings as long as he was clinging to daddy. Miss Independent Mackie took off and wanted to make sure each goat received an equal amount of milk (let's just say she angered a few of them).

We finished our quick trip to the Farmstead with some time on the playground, followed by a quick lunch at Chik-fil-A. 

It was a win-win stop for all of us. We all received some much-needed exercise and fresh air. The kids tuckered themselves out. And we ate Chik-fil-A. It equaled a (mostly) calm afternoon of driving...until 4 p.m. ;)

But more on our road trip in Part Two!

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