Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Road Trippin': Part Three

Perhaps the best part of this vacation was simply vacationing - you know, relaxing and not really feeling like you had to go somewhere or do some type of sight-seeing on a schedule. We purposely chose our Cleveland-area vacation to spend time with our dear, sweet friends the Bergmeiers. And it was such a precious time - we only wish we had a few more days to converse and keep up with their crazy schedule (I don't know how mamas do it when all three of their kiddos are in school and then a gazillion after-school activities. WOW!)

The area where the Bergmeiers live have a pretty good-sized Amish population (locals, think Yoder!), so we went out and about one morning to visit some of the sights, taste some maple syrup (you think we'd never had real maple syrup before with as much as we brought home - but it's so good and so affordable up there!). 

Our kids instantly fell in love with the Bergmeier kids. I still miss the three extra baby-sitters we had on hand all week long! :) 

We also had a sweet visit with other dear friends from our "way back when" small group, the Schenks. Kristen and her sweet kiddos stopped by one morning for a playdate. Brax enjoyed playing with Nora (who's two months older!), while Sawyer and Mackie played together. (they were too busy to snap a pic!)

And what's a vacation without special mother-daughter spa pedicure time? I treated myself post-race to some TLC on my toesies and feet, while Mackie had her own preschool version. She still beams whenever someone comments on her pink sparkly toes. I think we may have to do this again in the near future! 

Up next - the super duper long trip home!

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