Saturday, May 25, 2013

Road Trippin': Part Two

 I've already blogged about the race, but here's what went down on our road trip the day before the race!

As you know, Mackie had her BIG kids run. She had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to run the 50-yard dash at Cleveland Browns Stadium. On the actual football field. The race coordinator also had a gold medal donated by a former Olympian and all of the kiddos touched it before the race. Seriously? She has no idea how cool of an event she experienced!

 The little miss had a great time! She was able to meet a clown (I don't know why she isn't creeped out by these things...I sure am!).

And she really looked forward to getting her medal at the end. 

If only her excitement lasted.....

Let's just say we had a LOT of disciplining and "3 going on 13 drama queen" moments during our trip. 

Post-Mackie run, we headed over to the race expo to enjoy some of the sights, meet people, and pick up my race info and prep for my own 26.2 miles the next day. 

The kidlets had their own fun at the Expo. 

And mama had hers! (pictured with a running idol and awesome motivator/coach - Jenny Hadfield!) I followed her training plan and ended with PR (again, slower than I had hoped, but a PR nonetheless!). Thanks, Coach Jenny, for your great training tips, plan, and willingness to answer questions and take pics with a star-struck fan like myself. ;)

Enough of about the race and pre-race it's onto the rest of our vacation in the next installments! 

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