Friday, May 31, 2013

So Long, 20's

Dear Twenties,

My, how you've been mighty nice to me. I can't believe that it's already been a decade. One that - until about six months ago - I really took for granted. I cling to you now not because I'm disappointed or sad where I'm at in my life at this's quite the opposite, actually. I'm clinging because of all of the great things my 20s brought me - and the life it has given me today. 

At 21 I graduated college....and had a "big girl" job waiting for me.

Three weeks later, I turned 22 and married the man of my dreams - the man that God graciously gave me!


At 23 we bought our first home, a place we love dearly and hope to live the next 15-20 years with the fantastic neighborhood and future new school across the street.

At (almost) 24, I made the decision to leave my first "big girl" job as a newspaper reporter and go into the marketing world. Turned out to be one of the greatest decisions ever -  I love my job and desire to be there for many more years to come!

Later that year Jack and I ran our first (his last) full marathon in Wichita. 

At 26 I gave birth to our first child - Mackenzie Claire.


Thirteen months later, at age 27, I ran my second full marathon in Chicago.

At age 28 I gave birth to our second child, Braxton Cade. 

And at age 29 (two weeks shy of 30!), I ran my third and most recent marathon to ring in the great decade of the 30's. 

There have been several memories and highlights made in between. Precious friendships formed. Trials and tragedies we've worked through. Lots of running, miles, and races. Wrinkles and my first white (only one!) hair found. Awards, recognitions, and surprises that are underserved, yet fun to experience.

But the greatest highlight came when I entered into this marvelous decade of my 20's. By God's grace and His doing only, I truly came to my knees and experienced a true relationship with Him at the age of 20. It was more than just going to church and reading my Bible....I realized that my life and my desires were sinful, were ugly, and were not His desires for my life. I thank God for softening my heart to Him - and pray that this next decade is spent glorifying Him and strengthening this precious relationship as I strive to faithfully serve Him, my husband, my children, my family and friends.

In a few short hours I'll be saying "so long" to you, 20s. It's been quite the ride. I can only hope my 30s are just as jam-packed and thrilling. But let's not think about 10 years from now. Because at age (gulp gulp gulp!) 40, my babies will be 13 and 11, respectively (oh me!), I'm sure I'll be finding a few more white hairs, and who knows what these lines/wrinkles will look like!

Bring on 30!!

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stephplus4 said...

The 30s are great! Best of luck in your new decade, and I hope you had a wonderful birthday!