Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Suds Up!

My hubs just plain rocks! 

This past week - while we were still in Kansas and it was nice and steamy out - he not only fully vacuumed and detailed the inside of my car, but also took advantage of the sunshine and warm temps to wash the sucker. 


We let the kidlets join in on the fun, because you're only young once (and can get away with running around in the sprinklers and ditch in your cute swimsuit or white shirt/dipe combo).

Daddy even had a few helpers - one in particular. Seriously, Brax was a magnet to the suds. He pretty much sat there the entire time with the common theme: hands in soap, hands in mouth. I'm surprised he didn't have hiccups and burping bubbles.

Don't you just love the carefree-ness that only our sweet babes can bring?!

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