Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Big 3-0 in 30 Days!

So a year ago I posted this 29 things I wanted to do before turning the big 3-0.

My 30th birthday is in 30 days. THIRTY DAYS, people! Sigh.

So much for having a year to get all of these things done. Here's an update.....

1. Read a classic - "To Kill a Mockingbird" will be in my bag of fun reads when we travel 16 hours to Cleveland in two weeks.
2. Fly a kite with the family - done
3. Go fishing or hunting with Jack. not done - eek!
4. Make my own hummus - done (and failed!)
5. Grow my own herbs - done (and succeeded!)
6. Bake cookies with Mackie and Brax and deliver to a new neighbor - not done - baking cookies, yes, but no delivery to a neighbor.
7. Contact paper and re-organize kitchen drawers and cabinets - done
8. Run another half-marathon and 10K - ran a Turkey Trot 10-miler; ran two 10K's (one I scored a PR!); and won't be doing a half-marathon but my third FULL marathon in two weeks!
9. Take a group fitness class - not done, and really no desire anymore.
10. Dig into my Bible and a study at Starbucks, not worrying about the time. -done 
11. Visit the Hutch Public Library at least every other month - done
12. Learn how to sew -epic fail! I really really really want to do this someday!
13. Save and plan a "real" get-away with Jack - doing it for my bday/anniversary weekend!
14. Interview my kids once a month on the camcorder - half-done, not every month but every season!
15. Host a girls get-together at my house with my sweet friends - done for a summer birthday last July!
16. Read a biography - hmmm....I should add one to the reading goodies on the upcoming trip!
17. Make a homemade latte using espresso maker. - done, and then sold the maker (too messy!)
18. Run in the sprinklers with my sweeties. -not done (sigh)
19. Do a back dive off of the diving board in my parent's pool - done, felt so good!
20. Get a pedicure and/or massage - hopefully done after my full marathon!
21. Memorize Proverbs 31 in its entirety - not done, and no excuses
22. Spend an entire day disconnected to all things technology - not done, is this possible?! :)
23. Build a snowman, make snow angels, and go sledding on a snow day - done, done, and done!
24. Camp-out downstairs in the basement with the kids - good idea for this summer break!
25. Go to a movie at the Fox - done - "Brave" with Mackie, her first movie in a theater
26. Go to a Hutch Rec art class - not done, and I work there!
27. Take a bike ride or run out at the Highlands - not done, but found some other great places that I didn't usually run/bike around!
28. Try sushi - not done, and not appealing anymore
29. Ride the Ferris wheel - done - with Mackie (instead of Jack) and scared me to death as the 3-yr-old dare-devil tried to jump out so many times!

I actually did more than I thought - but still have some to-do's to cross off in the next 30 days! Who knows if I'll make all of them. It's definitely something to strive for, though.

Bring on June 1st! (but not turning 30!)

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