Monday, May 13, 2013

WHY Cleveland? The Best Reason..... this family!

When the thought of running another full marathon crossed my mind, Jack and I talked about making a FUN road trip vacay out of the deal. And that's when we thought it would be FUN to visit our sweet friends, the Bergmeier family!

We met Thad and Monique shortly after we started attending Grace Bible Church, which was a week or so after we were married in the summer of 2005 (the same summer their youngest, Anni, was born!).  The Lord brought this precious family to Hutchinson as Thad was named associate pastor of GBC right before we started to attend.

I remember vividly the first few months of Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School) classes with Pastor Thad and the wonderful friends we met in there. I remember going to their house for dinner when we were getting to know each other. Monique made awesome chicken enchiladas and we had a great conversations centered around Christ.

I also remember becoming closer and closer as we dove head-first into the great world of the young marrieds small group in the basement of the Bergmeier house. It started with about seven or so of us young marrieds and ebbed and flowed throughout the years as some moved on, some joined, some started having babies (okay, we all started having babies - it was a complete domino effect!), you get the picture.

Jack and I loved every group that met in that basement for 5+ years. We loved the white elephant Christmas parties, the Cubs opening day get-togethers, and everything in between. We loved the Bergmeiers for opening their home up to us, but more importantly for the wonderful examples of marriage, parents, and sacrifice they were (and still are!) to the local church.

Thad and Monique moved to Middlefield, OH early in 2011. We were excited for their exciting new ministry opportunity, but knew we'd miss having great friends a hop, skip, and a jump away. It was a sad day saying good-bye to them...and that basement that had so many precious memories! forward to now and in a few short (or long?) days, we'll be seeing them in person and spending a few days with them while we're in the Cleveland area! We're BEYOND excited to see how the Lord has blessed them and using them in Ohio. Jack and Thad will take in a Cubs game in Pittsburgh, I'll get to have girlfriend time with Monique, and we'll all just enjoy seeing each other and hanging out with all of the kiddos.

We'll see you soon,'s finally HERE!!

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