Thursday, June 13, 2013

Love Letters

Last week (June 4) Jack and I celebrated eight years of marriage. EIGHT! We can't be that old, can we?! (I suppose it helps that we were mighty young when we became husband and wife).

We received probably the most precious anniversary gift in the mail on our actual anniversary. The dear pastor who married us - Pastor Tom, who was my pastor growing up - passed away after a hard-fought battle with cancer this past August. His amazing wife, Karen (who I also happen to be close to), sent the original wedding message that Pastor Tom did at our wedding, along with a beautiful note. What a treasure!

This spurred the idea for Jack and I to exchange love letters on our anniversary. We hadn't had much time to buy a card and our gift to each other was a weekend get-away. But we wanted to do something! So we wrote love letters to each other. Brought back memories of writing letters to Jack while we were dating, engaged, and even early in our marriage (letters are more like sticky note scramblings now with two kidlets in the house!).

While we enjoy emailing and texting back and forth these days - or the sticky-note scramblings - it's important to take a while to reflect and simply write a thoughtful letter. There's just something about it....

Happy anniversary, babe! Love you and cannot wait to serve Christ and glorify Him through our marriage in the coming years!

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