Sunday, June 23, 2013

So Much for Figuring It Out

Perhaps the hardest part of having a little miss with a late summer birthday? Having a little miss who seems ready for school, who's too stinkin' smart (and tall) for her own good, and is a social butterfly.

Jack and I thought we had a plan as far as the "when do we send her to kindergarten" debate. We thought for sure (well, he was so sure, at my best I was 99.9 percent sure) we would wait two more years and send Mackie to kindergarten when she turned 6, and not barely 5. (side note: She's six weeks shy of turning 4 and will be going to preschool two mornings a week starting this fall)

Well, so much for thinking that we knew what was best....

The last several weeks have shown us great growth in our daughter - both in the good and the bad. There are definite days when we feel that keeping her "back" will benefit her. And then there are days where we feel like she's thriving and really would benefit going to kindergarten just a few days after turning 5.

So we're not going to think we know it all and make such a big decision two years (or maybe one year?) before it even happens. (That's my type-A tendencies, have-to-know-and-plan-it-all-out-now got the best of me!)

We're now going to have Mackie to show us, as well as have her new preschool teacher (and other educators/church teachers/etc) tell us what they think. Of course we'll be making the final decision. But the decision we once thought we knew without a doubt is now in waiting.

I don't even think any of you will care about this...and it's so trivial compared to struggles and trials that are going on in this world. I get it. I simply use this blog as a journal and wanted to journal my own thoughts on what's going on right now in the conversations around our dinner table.

Above all, we pray that God is glorified in our decision, and that He gives us clarity and brings peace to the decision.

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