Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer O' Fun

June happens to be haphazard chaos in the Conkling casa. We thought with Jack's "no-pool" schedule it would be a bit lighter, but ha! Who were we kidding?

This past month was filled with birthday and anniversary celebrations, basketball practices/games/camp/scrimmages, umpiring fast pitch and baseball, picking up freelance gigs, prepping for my busy work season (ah, the life of a coordinator of three races, along with the day-to-day marketing duties), Hutch Rec classes for the preschooler, etc, etc.

And while we managed to have some summer fun - trips to the pool, popsicles, visits to the sno-cone stand, movies on mommy/daddy's bed - the best summer fun is yet to come!

Introducing....Conkling Summer o' Fun - because our summer vacay continues through Labor Day this summer! (thank you, Buhler school bond issue!)
* Beck's Family Farm (or another type of fruit stand) to pick fruit, enjoy the farm, etc.
* Trip to Tanganyika Wildlife Park - because thanks to my RecycleBank points, I was able to snatch up a free child pass, making it more affordable.
* Taking Mackie to Music Theater of Wichita's "Mary Poppins" for her birthday
* Hutchinson Monarchs baseball game
* (more) visits to the slush stand or Bogey's for ice cream
* Hutchinson Zoo, complete with a train ride (again, thanks RecycleBank points!)
* Fishing at my co-worker's house - because I'm tired of a certain almost-4-yr-old casting her fishing line into every tree in our front yard.
* Daddy-daughter date and mother-son date - letting the kiddos decide!

Of course we'll continue visiting my parents' pool and the Salt City Splash (locals, check out Toddler Time each Saturday morning at 11 a.m. - great for families with children 7 and younger!). Swim lessons and more Hutch Rec classes are scheduled in there, too, as are some possible get-aways to Wichita.

It's just fun to have some out-of-the-ordinary, both-parents-are-home activities to enjoy. Happy summer!

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